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Fear Factor Season 4 Episode 7

Stunt #1 (Inverted helicopter dunk) The ladies would be bound by their ankles and hung upside-down from a helicopter. The helicopter would dunk the ladies into the lake four times, and they would have to collect flags on each dunk. The four ladies to collect the most flags would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated.

Stunt #2 (Fear Factor Conveyer Belt) The ladies would have to use their mouths to transfer disgusting food items from a conveyor belt to a scale. These items included night crawlers, red worms, super worms, blended cow spleen, blended cow snout, pig uterus, cow spinal cord, and cow brain. There would be 50 plates of gross items on the conveyor belt. The three ladies to transfer the most weight in disgusting items to the scale before all the plates dropped off the end of the conveyor belt would advance to the finals. The others would be eliminated.

Stunt #3 (Hamster wheel) The ladies would have to run on an 8-inch wide hamster wheel while ho

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Serie: Fear Factor


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Episode Title: All Female Episode #2

Air Date: 2003-11-03